The First Tuesday of the New Blog

By Rubí donkey 18th August 2015

I really don’t know what the Rabit was thinking about when he called the new blog something obscure like Prolly just showing off the very little “Valenciano” he has learned in the Bar Cantonet.  I preferred and at least it had a nice picture of me on the header banner, instead of some anonymous bunch of middle class French holidaymakers pretending to be peasants while walking with overloaded donkeys.  Well, whatever…

The new Tuesday thinking place

Instead of spending all that time on the new blog, the Rabit should have finished the new stable extension. I have claimed my side of the new partition made with palets and Matilde stays on the other side. I only allow Morris in here if he’s not in a silly mood and wants to do mutual grooming. Any messing about and I chase him away.  This is my new Tuesday Thinking Place and I don’t want my thinking interrupted.

I’ve started chewing a palet and it is quite tasty. To give the Rabit credit, although he might be useless thinking up new blog names, he does at least manage to do creative things with the palets he finds on the industrial estate.  I like my new stall, and once he has managed to put the walls back on the stable, which he has promised us he will do before the cold winds of winter come down from the Aitana ridge, it will be prolly worth about 1700 Euros. Not bad for Costa Blanca property prices.


Well, today in my Tuesday thinking day, I’m mostly thinking about Catalan independence.  It’s quite clear to me that donkeys in Catalonia are in the same peninsula as the rest of us, and any ideas that misguided Catalan donkeys have about political and economic autonomy are so off the wall that I despair at their primitive understanding of the way the real world works.  On the other hand, they have a valuable cultural tradition including the language they call “Catalan” (which like “Valenciano” is just a variant of the Languedoc that French donkeys speak in Provence and the French Pyrenees) and we can all rejoice that mediaeval traditions are alive and well.  But just keep it for fiestas, eh, folks? It’s not real.

bandera C con burro

So my advice on this Tuesday is stop banging on about it and trying to make out Catalan independence is a sensible project, just because some donkeys in suits in the Generalitat say so. Having said that, I am quite impressed by the way Catalan donkeys seem to have the palets in their stables neatly painted red and yellow, rather than plain wood like these ones the Rabit put in here for us.

20150818_131838Well, that’s the Tuesday thinking done for another week. If you want to keep up with news from Spain in English, we are providing a simpler version here in Finestrat than the well-known The Spain Report in Madrid.

You will need to choose a password of the new sophisticated kind, like, “I am Rubí donkey and Tuesday is my #thinkingday.”  But where you enter that password is anyone’s guess. Just like the new Spain Report site. (Rabit seems unusually perplexed on his computer…) Have a nice day.

7 thoughts on “The First Tuesday of the New Blog

  1. Luvlyly new blog Rubi. If and when you get walls and you know who paints them red and yellow like the Catalan pallets will you avoid chewing them?


  2. Thanks for commenting on Rubí’s first Thinking Day on the new blog. Rubí prolly didn’t understand, in her reference to the Catalan donkeys, that the donkey on the red and yellow striped flag is a symbol of Catalonia. That may need to be said here in order to help readers understand Rubí’s obscure Tuesday ironies.


  3. ‘Something calls to me
    The trees are drawing me near
    I’ve got to find out why
    Those gentle voices I hear
    Explain it all with a sigh . . .

    It’s still Tuesday here, so let me get in under the wire with a song just for you, dear Rubi. May it lull you to sleep during those long Spanish siestas:

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  4. Perfect ! If I can get the soundtrack without the video, I’d like to use this on a Rubí Tuesday video in future. Thanks for that, Annie. You seem to have very long Tuesdays where you live…


  5. Happy to hear that Rubi might like it! It was either that or “Ruby Tuesday”. However, I only inflict Mick Jagger on my worst enemies.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for clarifying Rubi’s red and yellow reference and the Catalan flag. Makes it even funnier. P.S., In the US there’s a chain of restaurants called Ruby Tuesdays.

    Liked by 1 person

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