Back to the routine

DSCN3009The field has dried out after the torrential rain of last week and the skies are blue again. Just when we had started to enjoy the new cool air and the novelty of wearing pullovers, suddenly the temperature went back up to 30 degrees and the flies returned to the donkey field.

Not that I am too worried: I’m indoors working on my geography lessons.  😦

DSCN3008The stable extension that I built in the summer holiday still needs the front wall finished off, but that can wait until the cooler weather in October and there is a long weekend to look forward to, starting 9th October: Friday to Monday!  That’s when the walls can go up.

The new L-shaped manger is working well but the amount of food they are consuming seems to have increased with the extended manger.  DSCN3006 I think we may have some dieting issues to work through. The donkeys get through half a bale of straw per day, plus 10% alfalfa mixed in for flavour, and half kilo mixed grain, which I give them because I was told it is good for their digestion.  I’m still not sure about their weight.  Some people say they are too fat, but we’re all used to seeing undernourished donkeys in Spain…

DSCN3004 Is this a fat donkey?  Matilde is probably a good example of the right weight for a donkey.  Rubí has always been a strange shape. Morris is definitely too fat, as he pushes everyone out the way to eat all the food, and Aitana seems the least bothered about food – usually wandering off during the distribution of treats!

Well, that’s the Sunday evening feed. Now it’s an evening of school work to prepare for Monday morning.  Back to the routine.

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