Happy birthdays Morris and Aitana

Morris & Aitana birthdaysIt is four years exactly since Morris was born, one autumn Saturday evening, and Aitana arrived at midday on Sunday.  (That’s Aitana on the left and Morris on the right, eating their supper just now.)

I have been very weighed down with school work at the beginning of this academic year – more so than usual, for various reasons – so the blog has not been updated for far too long!   Regular readers seem to have not migrated from the old blog, which is a shame, and the comments were much fewer during the first few weeks of this blog.  However, it is continuing and I will try to find time this weekend to get something on here.

Thanks to the three people still reading the blog!

12 thoughts on “Happy birthdays Morris and Aitana

  1. So glad to continue reading your donkey blog about your beautiful animals, whom you so lovingly care for, and your adventures with them. Wish I could leave the cold rainy US and share carrots with you all. Forwarded the children’s page to my grandchildren. Being a rabbit, I rejoice that two more grandbunnies are on the way!


  2. Dear me, how could I forget Aitana (I suspect it’s because she doesn’t read like Morris)? “Happy birthday dear Aitana, happy birthday to you.”


  3. Happy Birthday Aitana and Morris!

    You might try posting a link on your old blog. You may have done so, but I missed it if you did. I stumbled on your new page by accident. Some of your readers may have gotten lost in the weeds along the way.


  4. Belated happy birthdays to the gorgeous donks….they look so sweet. Love the eye makeup 🙂


  5. We made it! Buried ynder a mountain of apples and chestnuts…donks would happily have eaten us out but we wouldn’t let them. Ambrogio is already fat enough and Sascha appears to have done what I am beginning to understand as normal for european donkeys…she got herself pregnant before she arrived here and we are having to shift everything in preparation for a third!!! Anyway, we have found you.


  6. Ann: in human years, just double it. So they are eight in human years, and still children. I tend to think in donkeys’ years now, as it’s more flattering. So I’m 32 now.


  7. So we can expect some very nice photos of baby donkey soon? I think you will need to buy him/her a warm winter jacket having seen the weather you seem to get in winter! Looking forward to foal pics. They are so lovely when they still are small enough to sit on your lap!

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