“Bedstead Donkey” – an update


It was in April on my old donkey blog that I reported the situation of a donkey nearby, when the corrugated iron roof of his ramshackle cage had collapsed and was scraping against his back.  You can read about that incident here.

Recently, after I mentioned him again, a reader enquired after the donkey and I said I would try to video the donkey, who she aptly named “Bedstead Donkey”.  I visited him again to check he had water and I gave him some carrots.  The authorities do not regard the small space in which he is confined as a problem!

I am in touch with the Donkey Sanctuary’s main Spanish centre in Malaga and we will be discussing the matter further.

6 thoughts on ““Bedstead Donkey” – an update

  1. Still amazes me how different are perceptions of animal welfare in other EU countries. And a timely reminder of where to get some of my Christmas cards, so far donkeys, cats and Catholic charities!

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  2. Thanks for the update. How does his health seem? The glimpse I had of his hooves they didn’t look too overgrown. Is that a bare spot behind his ear where the halter rubbed?


  3. Hi, Mary. I noticed the same thing behind his ear on the video and I went back to see him and check. (So he had extra carrots too!) It appears he has an additional strap around his neck as well as the head collar, and that is what the video picked up behind his ears. If you look at the video again and pause it you can see that’s what it is.

    Yes his hooves are OK and as far as I can see, so are his teeth. This is what makes him a complex case really: there is evidence of some care and regular feeding, water etc., while at the same time the circumstances of his solitary confinement are quite objectionable. (The roof collapse incident last April that I addressed does suggest he is not being visited regularly enough by the owner, and on that occasion there certainly was no evidence of any drinking water in the cage.)

    I am in touch with the Malaga Donkey Sanctuary who have already provided a check-list of advice and I am also going to speak with my vet. The option of me taking another donkey (even if the present owner would agree amicably to relinquishing him) may not be available: I have registered my donkey farm with the Ministry of Agriculture and I believe I have already reached my maximum number of animals for the size of plot I am renting. Originally the paperwork allowed five donkeys on the plot, but in the end about a quarter of the total area cannot be used because it requires access over someone else’s land and they would not agree to it. I think four donkeys is my limit, but I need to check the paperwork with the vet.

    Any solution for “Bedstead Donkey” will need careful exploration. I am wondering if the owner would accept a small donation and some assistance to help to put up chain-link fencing with a gate and make a paddock so the donkey can come out of the cage when he wants? I will also continue to discuss it with the Donkey Sanctuary. Whatever action is suggested, it must be both practical and non-confrontational: this is too close to my own donkey farm to risk any reprisal if the owner takes exception to outside interference.

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