Morris.  A lovely healthy animal with a glossy coat, living on the field on which he was born four years ago.  The donkeys and I have worked together to achieve a life of quality. Quality. Those who just venture into the countryside to blast the wildlife with guns, rip the wildlife apart with dogs – … More Quality

Donkeys show how a hygrometer works

This blog post has transferred from my Geography teaching blog, where it served its purpose last week of entertaining and educating Year 7 who are currently studying Weather and Climate, and learning about weather instruments in the school weather station. Then my donkeys helpfully demonstrated how a hygrometer works. I installed a small weather station called a “banjo … More Donkeys show how a hygrometer works

“Eeeyooore! There’s a donkey trapped in the computer!”

“Every donkey loves to hear himself bray” – English proverb. Yesterday I watched on my smartphone the video of “Bedstead Donkey” (see earlier post) braying plaintively and I decided to play it to my donkeys and see if they would respond.  The reaction was spectacular: Morris immediately went into a wild braying response and then Matilde and Aitana joined in … More “Eeeyooore! There’s a donkey trapped in the computer!”