Rubí’s Not-birthday Tuesday

Rubí writes her Tuesday blog:

It was not a good start to a Tuesday. Matilde has been lying in wee all night and she smells.  I told her she smells and she kicked me. I tried to kick her back but Matilde moved and I kicked Aitana instead. Then Aitana and Morris kicked me.

“So, that’s Tuesday, is it?” I thought.  “It’s not a very nice Tuesday.”  But then it suddenly went into a nice Tuesday because we have lovely Not-birthday cards.  The lovely cards have come from the children at Abbey Gate College near Chester in England, (see the earlier blog post.)  I have been told Chester is a place even further away than Finestrat or Benidorm.


The lovely cards are Not-birthday cards.  I know this because I did some Tuesday thinking and it’s not my birthday nor Matilde’s birthday which are in June, and it’s not Aitana’s nor Morris’s birthday which are in October, so it must be a Not-birthday today. And that is exactly how I worked out that these are Not-birthday cards.

Getting birthday cards is nice but it is more of a surprise to get Not-birthday cards.  You expect birthday cards on your birthday, and in fact if  I don’t get birthday cards on my birthday I get rood and norty and I kick people.  So Not-birthday cards are quite a good idea because we wouldn’t think to kick anyone if we hadn’t been given a Not-birthday card, as we wouldn’t know which Not-birthday day was the day we might get Not-birthday cards.  If you see what I mean.

Well here they are, the lovely Not-birthday cards done by the children at Abbey Gate College with pictures of us donkeys here in our field.

20151110_074659 20151110_074704 20151110_074707 20151110_074719 20151110_074726 20151110_074733 20151110_074738 20151110_074743 20151110_074747 20151110_074751 20151110_074804 20151110_074811 20151110_074940 20151110_074942 20151110_074946 20151110_074949 20151110_074955 20151110_074959 20151110_075003 20151110_075007

Rubí & Puig Campana

In the photograph here you can see where Chester is.  You need to go past Finestrat, over the mountain which is called Puig Campana, then keep going straight until France, then jump across the English Channel, which is a sort of stream. Then it is Chester.

It would prolly take me until tea time to walk there, except I couldn’t cross the English Channel because I don’t do jumping. Morris could jump it, as you can see in Ben’s picture above, but he won’t be doing it today because he is being norty and digging a hole, just like in Elsa’s picture.

Now I’m going to look at the Not-Birthday cards again and read the lovely Not-Birthday messages.  What a nice Tuesday.

Love from Rubí

6 thoughts on “Rubí’s Not-birthday Tuesday

  1. As it happens, there is a certain children’s book illustrator who might just insist that I finally send her a manuscript, as I have been promising for the past thirty years…


  2. Oh yes, there’s nothing wrong with Matilde. She just decided to sleep overnight on wet straw, probably because it was comfortable. The donks usually sleep outside under the lemon tree and the olive tree, where it is dry. They seem to prefer that to the stable except when it is wet weather. Occasionally they bed down in a muddy patch and on this occasion a patch with much wee-wee that I have been trying to dry out with straw, but they just wee on the straw and sit in it… There’s no accounting for the mind of a donk.


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