4 thoughts on “Donks in Santa hats 2015

  1. Wow! How did you manage that? Beautiful photos and I am in awe of your donkey organising ability.. It is like the proverbial brewery here! We do now have three (There will be photos…eventually) but the logistics are ever changing as baby and Ambrogio must be kept separate but we cannot walk any one alone as they all have a fit if separated! Donkeys!


  2. Love the photos Gareth! What breaktaking scenery too. I’m pressed with the donks too….such good models!


  3. Thanks for comments. The organisation of the photo shoot required walking them up two at a time to the viewpoint (only a short way from the house) and making sure the waiting donks had some food so they didn’t misbehave. The misbehaviour came on the way home, when Rubí slipped out of her lead rope (the metal end came off!) and ran off down the road. It took ten minutes to corner her and get her back in the field!

    I usually walk them two at a time, and yes, when they are separated and two go out, the other two always have a fit! They are very anxious when separated. If I take Matilde out without Aitana there is a huge fuss when we get home, with Aitana treating her mother like a long lost relative!

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