Rubí is asked to form a government


Rubí is busy eating and so she has not had time to write her blog, but this is the current news from the stable this evening: The Speaker of the Spanish Congress, Patxi López, announced at 8:10 p.m. Spanish time that King Felipe had asked Rubí donkey to form a new government.

Rubí thanked the King for his exquisite work during the two rounds of consultations since the general election, but declined to assume responsibility for forming a new government on the grounds that a new monthly delivery by the Nutrivila lorry (of fourteen bales of straw, five bales of alfalfa and three sacks of Corcel equine feed) meant that she would be too occupied with essential matters in the paddock and unable to devote herself fully to such duties that the task of Prime Minister may involve.

It is hoped that such commenters as Toadspittle (cf. yesterday’s comment) will delight in the news that this means less politics and more donks.

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