The First Tuesday in Lent

Rubi donkey writes her Tuesday blog:

A norty rood wind has arrived.  Indeed it is a great wind and it has been blowing through the lemon tree like a great wind blowing through a lemon tree.

That is an example of a simile and I shall be using more similes in future as I develop my writing style. Morris tells me similes are usually put into all good books and he has been reading me some examples. Here is another example of a simile I just thought of: Morris and Aitana were very much in love.  They were just like two donkeys who were very much in love.

Anyway, that’s enough about Morris’s rood girlfriend, and I shall explain more about the first Tuesday in Lent.  I explained last week that El Provedor has given us some buckets and explained that these were our new toys.  However, this is Lent and it would not be right to spend our time playing with buckets in a penitential season.  Happily, we have now realised that walking around with our heads in the buckets is a very effective Lent meditation technique.

Unfortunately Aitana became quite giddy at the weekend after going round in circles for three hours with a bucket on her head.  She is a bit of a dizzy little horse most of the time anyway, so this didn’t surprise me, and I think it was just an excuse to get more attention from El Provedor.  We haven’t seen much of him recently because he has beenvery busy re-scheduling all his teaching work because he realised the early Easter means that the school term is going to run out before he has taught his students everything they need to know before going off for their Easter holidays and ruining the planet.


El Provedor has also been busy preparing his four  Lent pieces on the Letters of Saint Clare to Agnes of Prague, which will be appearing every Sunday on another blog.  So that leaves me in charge of this donkey blog for the moment, and I feel another simile coming on. There were two buckets in a field.  They were very much like two buckets in a field.


Or was that a haiku?



6 thoughts on “The First Tuesday in Lent

  1. The lemons need picking. There are about two hundred lemons on that tree. Matilde has eaten most of the lower hanging ones and several were blown down in the great wind that Rubí mentioned in her blog, which was indeed like a great wind, to use her artful simile.


  2. Just to help Rubí along with her literary efforts: it is “provEEdor” in Spanish…


  3. Sorry Luisa, but I just noticed your comment waiting to be approved. It has been a busy time. But your comments should go up automatically, as you are a regular commenter. (I’ll look and see what went wrong there.)


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