There’s that damned cloud again!

This blog is still live.  For reasons concerning a stalker who only visits the blog to gain information about the blog owner, there is little being uploaded at present.  Apologies to all long-term readers: it is a tiresome situation but I am trying to find a solution.20160409_191130

6 thoughts on “There’s that damned cloud again!

  1. Sorry to hear that. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Blighty. Bet you missed the Donkeys though. Will pray you get everything sorted out over there

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  2. Will hang on in there Gareth! Certainly don’t want nosy parkers tagging along. Best wishes to you and the lovely donks 🙂

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  3. These stalkers have something wrong in their heads — I’ve been similarly plagued recently by two of them in Disqus. I was pointed by someone to a comment block browser add-in, though, so now I can avoid them, and I’ve always been careful with my online anonymity. Or I’d potentially be in the same situation as you with these morons …


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