There’s that damned cloud again!

This blog is still live.  For reasons concerning a stalker who only visits the blog to gain information about the blog owner, there is little being uploaded at present.  Apologies to all long-term readers: it is a tiresome situation but I am trying to find a solution.20160409_191130

6 thoughts on “There’s that damned cloud again!

  1. These stalkers have something wrong in their heads — I’ve been similarly plagued recently by two of them in Disqus. I was pointed by someone to a comment block browser add-in, though, so now I can avoid them, and I’ve always been careful with my online anonymity. Or I’d potentially be in the same situation as you with these morons …


  2. Sorry to hear that. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Blighty. Bet you missed the Donkeys though. Will pray you get everything sorted out over there

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