The dark before the dawn

Rubí donkey writes her Tuesday blog: 

The travels of Barbara Reed are over: she came back to collect her bag after her walk across La Mancha on the Camino de Levante.  Then she went to pick up her MGB which broke down in Santander (not so reliable as a donkey) and now she is back in France with her donkey Rosie and Filou the mule. Thank you for looking after us.  Even Morris began to look well-groomed while you were here.  He is now covered in dust, straw and has matted tummy fur because he has been sitting in wee again, so next time please spend more time grooming Matilde and  me, and less time on the rood norty Morris and that silly horse-headed donkey Aitana.

Barbara with Rubí

Gareth writes:

Thank you, Rubí for your shorter than usual Tuesday blog.

The blog is going to have a section for well-established regular visitors with news of our current plans.  For the moment these plans are confidential.  We would like to share them with those loyal readers who have followed this blog – and the previous blog – during these past six years, but you will need a password to access these pages.

Regular readers still in recent contact will receive the password by email before the end of this week.  If you are left out of the mailing, please leave a comment here on this blog post. The password will be sent to you.  We have exciting news to share but we have to be careful because the blog is still being stalked.

The pages will be in this new section of the blog:  which is currently a test page and is password protected ready for the new content to be added. The password protection is a temporary measure: all pages of the blog will be freely accessible again when news of our project is not such sensitive information.  The real problem with having a local stalker, just looking at the blog to snoop, is that my plans will be all around the village in 24 hours.



13 thoughts on “The dark before the dawn

  1. It’s not too bad: once in a while you get nutters coming to the blog for their own purposes. They go away eventually. Lots of things happening! Will have it all on the new password-protected Project page shortly. You and about fifty other regular readers known to me will get the password by email when the Project page goes live.

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  2. Great stuff Gareth! Look forward to hearing more about your forthcoming plans. In the meantime, keep well and God be with you all 🙂

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  3. Hi Gareth, I have followed your blogs for many years though I am not a commenter. If it is possible, I would love to learn about your new Project.



  4. Hi Margaret,
    That’s the kind of scenario I was rather dreading. I knew that would happen! I really need to think about a gatekeeping method to deal with that kind of enquiry. I will email you. I can see your IP address and it is not the same as the stalker. But you can understand the need for caution with any first time commenter at present. I will write shortly.



  5. Hi Jim. Password mail out will be done shortly. It will be time-consuming as I can’t do one general email to all: I must respect each person’s email address and so I must do fifty eight separate emails! Great news to share.

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  6. You emailed me last week – thank you- but I’m leaving a comment anyway as your news sounds rather exciting! I hope things are looking up for you.

    My donkeys had their hooves trimmed today so they’re wandering around admiring their pretty little toes.


  7. Gareth I don’t have an email password, may I use my Twitter handle? I panic when faced with technology


  8. I didn’t get a password either, although I always read the donkey emails that land in my inbox.


  9. Hello Gareth

    Not a regular follower, but more in the way of being a fair weather traveller. Gissa password then, otherwise I’ll never know what you’ll be up to next.

    Neighbours, eh – who’d have ’em?



  10. No password being issued at present to any newly declared readers of the donkey blog. But don’t worry, all will once again be free access without passwords once we have shaken off the stalker. You will see in the next week that no password is needed. All will be public again. (I had to keep my plans secret because the stalker has the same landlord. Heavy clue…)


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