Time to move on

If you have the password, go to https://equusasinus.net/project/5-goodbye-elca-seriu because we have news to share! When the next few steps are over, I don’t really care what the stalker sees: we are saying goodbye to all that.  Very soon!

A morning in Orxeta

If you have the password see the new project page. Orxeta is an old village about ten kilometres from Finestrat.  I have been past it many times in the past six years, cycling or driving, but I have never stopped to visit the centre. It is a much nicer place than it appears from the … More A morning in Orxeta

Cold on the Costa

If you were planning a short break in Benidorm for some sunshine, you’d be better off taking a few days in Bournmouth or Brighton. We have cold dull weather here in mid-May. This is unusual and is actually quite pleasant for a change. Let’s hope it brings some rain too. Of course, if you are … More Cold on the Costa

A Puzzling Tuesday

Rubí donkey writes her Tuesday blog: It is a puzzling sort of Tuesday today, so I am staying in my house to try and solve the puzzle.  The rabitman has been unusually mysterious about his disappearances over the weekends and we haven’t been for proper walks because he hasn’t had time.  At least we all … More A Puzzling Tuesday