Cold on the Costa

If you were planning a short break in Benidorm for some sunshine, you’d be better off taking a few days in Bournmouth or Brighton. We have cold dull weather here in mid-May. This is unusual and is actually quite pleasant for a change. Let’s hope it brings some rain too.

Looking out from the back of the house towards the Aitana just now

Of course, if you are the stalker next door you will not find this blog post at all interesting. You can just look out of your own window. But for those regular blog visitors who have the password, there is access to the project pages, where developments can be seen on new page.

If you are the stalker next door, here is a rare treat: a glimpse inside my house.

Even the donkeys don’t get to see this view
“Come and see the blog, Rubí: there’s a photo of his bathroom.  Thanks to the stalker, the blog is getting much more interesting.”

5 thoughts on “Cold on the Costa

  1. The swifts and swallows are beginning to appear here – also flies and moths of all kinds. While we love the birds, flies can be a nuisance especially the big bold bluebottles, mosquitos, clags and houseflies but they give joy to others.


  2. Luuurrvving the sunshine here….it’s about time. Thought the view of your loo rather entertaining too!!


  3. Yes, quite. When you have such a dedicated stalker next door, you need to help her understand that the inside of your bathroom is no more interesting than hers. There is nothing on this blog for someone who can see my donkeys from her garden. It is rather something shared with people who are NOT here!

    And nobody stone anyone before I give the signal, even if they do say “Jehovah”… Aaaaaaaarrrrrgh!


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