A morning in Orxeta

If you have the password see the new project page.

Orxeta is an old village about ten kilometres from Finestrat.  I have been past it many times in the past six years, cycling or driving, but I have never stopped to visit the centre. It is a much nicer place than it appears from the modern sprawling development that has spoiled its edges (with half completed structures that remain from a case of corrupt land deals ten years ago.  The centre is quite charming.

Large town houses usually indicate the presence of some wealth in a village. This one is for sale.
Saint James on the church façade.
And a local spur of the Levante route  of the Camino de Santiago passes through the village


An orchard on the edge of the village with the Sierra de Orxeta behind.  Somewhere in the south side of that mountain is the donkey field where my animals are still eating their breakfast.  And I’m having breakfast in the Bar Plaza in the village where there is a very slow internet connection that has taken an hour to process this blog post!

If you have the password see the new project page


Orxeta town hall and the Bar Plaza (which probably has the slowest Wi-Fi connection anywhere in Europe, outside of Albania.)

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