9 thoughts on “Time to move on

  1. “I am the vine, you are the branches”… perhaps you should keep the Vine Arbour name after all.

    Ann E


  2. Good for you, Gareth! God bless you, your holy house and your donks, of course!


  3. Thanks Jim! It is all looking good. I am really sure about this place: it just feels right. I had a vision of a high up place with a mountain view when I began looking but the problem wad always the water source. Tuis place has ots own spring. Besides, this place reminds me of Crawley Down monastery in England, in a wood, which was my first experience of retreats in a place where monks lived the semi-eremitical life. It feels similar. (My friends here can’t understand when I say the place has to “feel” right. You’ll know what I mean.) Kind regards and thanks for the Orthodox staretz link.


  4. What a lovely spot Gareth! How interesting that you have been given something which reminds you of Crawley Down….very significant 🙂 Sending good wishes and blessings from a green and floral Blighty.


  5. So excited for you,it looks beautiful! A place does have to feel right. I think you and the donks will be very glad of those shady trees in the middle of summer. Wishing you all a smooth transition and a long, happy and peaceful life in your new home. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


  6. Looking at the pics, I don’t think Morris and his ilk will mind the move very much. And maybe there will not much interruptions from those nasty ‘hunters’ up there either.
    Best wishes on the move, and prayers for you and your ‘family’!


  7. Summer hols come in two lots: a fortnight between end of term and summer school; then proper hols after summer school. Loads of work to do on fencing for the donks!


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