7 thoughts on “Time to move on

  1. “I am the vine, you are the branches”… perhaps you should keep the Vine Arbour name after all.

    Ann E


  2. Thanks Jim! It is all looking good. I am really sure about this place: it just feels right. I had a vision of a high up place with a mountain view when I began looking but the problem wad always the water source. Tuis place has ots own spring. Besides, this place reminds me of Crawley Down monastery in England, in a wood, which was my first experience of retreats in a place where monks lived the semi-eremitical life. It feels similar. (My friends here can’t understand when I say the place has to “feel” right. You’ll know what I mean.) Kind regards and thanks for the Orthodox staretz link.


  3. What a lovely spot Gareth! How interesting that you have been given something which reminds you of Crawley Down….very significant 🙂 Sending good wishes and blessings from a green and floral Blighty.


  4. So excited for you,it looks beautiful! A place does have to feel right. I think you and the donks will be very glad of those shady trees in the middle of summer. Wishing you all a smooth transition and a long, happy and peaceful life in your new home. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


  5. Summer hols come in two lots: a fortnight between end of term and summer school; then proper hols after summer school. Loads of work to do on fencing for the donks!


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