Mange tout

Yesterday was the day the donkeys have been waiting for since I first fenced off the my kitchen garden in the middle of their field six years ago!  They have always benefited from my weeding sessions, as I just threw weeds over the fence as I went along and they ate them instantly.  But the big feast was yesterday.  I have transplanted all the tomatoes, the courgettes, peppers, aubergines etc to the new garden.  It has been a very long job.  But the mange tout beans are so far off producing anything edible for humans, I decided they’d make a novel supper for the donkeys.  It is nearly time to start taking up the fence posts, so down came the chain-link fence and in went the donkeys.  Mange tout, they certainly did!


Before and after…


The blog has been a bit slow coming, and will be for a few more weeks yet.  It is a very busy time, also exam season and report writing time in school for a very busy Geography teacher trying to move a house and a field with four donkeys gradually to a place…  oh but wait!

We don’t want that here for the nosey neighbours to see:  There’s a password protected page for you regulars, with all the news and photos!  

UPDATE: Regular readers please use you usual password. Thanks Ann & Alys for alerting me to the problem. I mistakedly putted the falso passwordo becuse I used to teaching Spanglish on a class rome. Have now did it correcto.

6 thoughts on “Mange tout

  1. Hi Gareth,

    For some reason, I can’t get into the password protected page linked to this post.

    Thanks for keeping in touch during this very busy period for you and regards to those happy donks 🙂

    Ann in Ireland


  2. Yes, I’m unable to access new project page aswell. Donks providing plenty of entertainment in the meantime though! Thirsty work…


  3. Can you try your password on an earlier protected page and see if it works? I think I used the same password as before but I will check it out later.

    Pricing long metal bars tonight in metal yard to put safety barriers on edges of the terraces for donks. Another busy evening.


  4. OK it is my error. Same letters as before but use 1 instead of 0 as last digit.

    Will be removing all password protection soon anyway. I didn’t want the Jehovah’s Witless next door knowing my business or my new home. If they come knocking on my door up there I’ll set the owl on them. 😆

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  5. Ideal for Ben Hur chariot racing, with Morris in the cart! Interesting to see plans all beginning to take shape. Donks are going to have a lot of fun in their new landscape. Let’s hope they don’t mange tout les arbres!

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  6. Hi Gareth,
    I’ve had the same problem accessing your page but will try with the new digit and see if that works for me 🙂


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