A special Rubí Tuesday


Rubí writes her Tuesday blog:

After we ate the vegetable garden, I thought it couldn’t get any better but it just did.  It seems the password protection has now been taken off the special pages we were not allowed to see.  We knew he was up to something, and when he started disappearing every night during this past week we thought he had found a girlfriend or something…  But no!  It seems we are going to a new and very lovely home.

I have been showing Morris all the pictures of the terraces where we are going to live, and the place where the stable will go – under the pine trees in the photo here – but Morris was not having any of it.

“There’s only one field in whole world and I know because I was born on it,” said Morris.  “Right there in the corner.  The Internet’s not real, you know.  I don’t believe any of it.”

Aitana had a look at it all and noted how many olive trees were there ready for her to eat. Silly horse.  I told her he intends putting protection around the trees and moving some to different terraces.  Matilde thinks it is all very good but she said, “What if the food lorry can’t find us when we move there?”  She has been depressed for the rest of the day, just worrying about that.

As for me, I don’t know what to think, even on my thinking day.  I’ll miss my view of the sea.  I imagined more Phoenician galleys sitting in the bay off  PlayaTorres today.  Oh well, there will be advantages I suppose.  Am I being a bit of an Eeyore again…?




6 thoughts on “A special Rubí Tuesday

  1. Hello Rubi Donk, how lovely to hear from you! You will have views of beautiful mountains and wooded valleys. If you imagine following the stream, it will lead you to the sea. You’ll have new friends, including fish, squirrels and rare protected birds! And Tuesdays are about to become even better – peace and tranquility, under the shade of a pine tree. Did you show Morris the hammock? I’m sure Gareth will let him have a go… xxx


  2. Change is always a problem Rubi, I know I don’t like it either. But give your new home a chance. You may grow to prefer it


  3. I do a last check of the donkeys from my car as I drive off to work. Today Rubí was running all around the field, leaping up and play-biting Matilde. She seems to have snapped out of her Tuesday Eeyore mood…:-)

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  4. When the donkeys are happy, we who take care of donkeys are happy. I’m happy for all of you. 🙂


  5. Rubí writes:

    Dear Catherine,

    The quickest way to get out of a real Eeyore mood is to close your eyes and imagine you are in a non-gloomy place filled with carrots. Or failing that, bite Morris and chase him around the lemon tree.

    I hope this helps. They tell me that a long bray sometimes works, but I still haven’t learned how to do braying. And in any case, it sounds a bit silly as far as I’m concerned.

    Kind regards,


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