Donkeys to move on Saturday


Cait and Carl looking justly proud of their afternoon’s work on Level 1 safety ubars. I worked on the stock fencing above Level 1 and have everything in place apart from the gate, which will be concreted in tomorrow.


The stable floor will be harder work than I thought because the plan to order a lorry load of ready-mixed concrete fell apart this morning: the Benidorm ready-mixed concrete centre wanted €292 for three cubic metres of ready-mixed concrete. So I changed the plan and ordered gravel and cement in large quantities. Now all we have to do is mix and pour it in 40 degrees of Costa Blanca heat. Perfect.  (But I have bought large quantities of blackcurrent and kiwi cordial.)


When I originally decided to buy two donkeys, I had no idea that my whole life would be eventually be orientated around cement and gravel. Funny old life, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, on the plumbing front, Pedro has still not finished the water supply. I have decided that a camping approach is now the best. Life is now revolving around plastic bowls.

Finally, here is Carl in Vilajoiosa Metals, sizing up the reinforcing steel for the stable.  This stable will be nuclear bomb proof.  That should reassure Rubí.



3 thoughts on “Donkeys to move on Saturday

  1. A whole level virtually complete! It looks like you’ve all done an excellent job. All the fencing and bars blend into the landscape very well. Looking forward to seeing the stable complete. Now all we need are the Donks!…


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