Rubí’s last Tuesday in Elca Seriu

Rubí writes:

It is a strange sort of idea but this is the last Tuesday in Elca Seriu. So I have been looking out towards the sea. Next Tuesday I will be looking at the view of a valley in a place called El Parral. I have been told it is nice, but I will make my own judgement about that!


Once again we have a much reduced field here. The electric fence comes in closer and more chain-link fence gets removed. We are assured we will see all our fences again, in the new place. I don’t understand much about these things. Fences aren’t meant to move, are they? Surely the whole point of a fence is that it is fixed…


Even the fence from around the house has gone. It was all driven away yesterday. Aitana said, “That’s good: he can get here quicker in the morning to give us our breakfast without that fence slowing him down.”  Silly horse! Doesn’t she know he doesn’t live there any longer? Just comes down from the new house to feed us twice a day and rob our fences!


Matilde says she has been given the job of leading us all to El Parral on Saturday. I bet she doesn’t even know the way. i am very sceptical about the whole business.



Time to gaze out to sea again. I wonder if I can see any Phoenician trading ships…

4 thoughts on “Rubí’s last Tuesday in Elca Seriu

  1. Don’t worry Rubi, life won’t revolve around gravel and cement for very much longer. Soon things will settle down and be all about straw and alfalfa once more. xxx


  2. I hope all five of you eventually love your new house! Initialy it was hard to get our donks to discriminate between our front and back pastures (the back one was where their original home was). But now they go back and forth without any complaints. Still hard to get them to love the trailer, but we are progressing bit by bit. Only God could have imagined a donkey! They are so wonderful to have as pets, or are we their pets?


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