Donkey moving day

After weeks of preparation it is hard to realize that today is the day. The donks will go to their new home. I have my alarm set for 5 am. Staying in Finestrat with friends tonight. Then I must get the donkeys ready to leave at 6 am.

Field ready for them at El Parral.



It is really wonderful. The hardest part was working through the last weeks of full-time teaching while buying a property. Everyone needs your attention – as professional teacher and as purchaser – and you begin to lose energy. (I am 64!!!)

Then – unluckily – I had the Brummy Jeohovah’s Witless factor complicating matters. The  busybodies next door kept trying to intrude in my field before I had left (saying the landlord had said they could use the land after I had gone.) So they chopped up my vegetable patch before I could take it away. Tied up my tomato plants to claim them… etc.

After a lot of very rood and norty language (at a very high volume) these unspeakable heretics can

now be sure that not every Catholic is a push-over for their Arian heresy. Here is Spain they would have been burnt at the stake 400 years ago.

Since the Brummie tosser strimmed 24 onions on my patch, I think burning is too good. He should have had his liver ripped out and had it fed to geckos.


The new stable base. 6 tons of concrete. How did we mix it in one day, let alone a day of 40 degrees centigrade… ?

All news tomorrow including pics of donkeys on the road and in their new home.


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