Donkeys moved!

This has been a very long day starting at 5 a.m. to get up and prepare donkeys before dawn at 6 a.m.  Cait and Carl helped walk the donkeys and Fernando and his wife came along to provide support with a vehicle driving slowly behind us on the three kilometres of main road on the walk.  Here are the photos of the walk and the donkeys in their new home.



The photos say it all.  I am too exhausted to write more.  Rubi is a bit disconcerted that it is not time to go home yet, and she has been kicking the gate; but the other three are happily eating everything…

When I went back to pick up the old solar electric fence unit, it all seemed sadly empty.  No life in a place that has been filled with the donkey community for six years.  We had some wonderful times there, including the births of the two foals.  It is sad to see it empty again. The new chapter begins here!


Goodbye “Elca Seriu”.  The people who appreciated us knew it was magic.


7 thoughts on “Donkeys moved!

  1. Ahhh… Don’t they look great?! I’ve noticed that they all seem to be going around exploring as a group! Funny Donks! Morris looks very excited, standing under the pine tree, but poor Rubi does look a little lost hiding behind it… She’ll hopefully follow the others soon. As for Matilde and Aitana skipping around, it’s very reminiscent of foalish times gone by! The old field once stood empty, full of promise and now it is empty once again, filled with a new promise. Immensely happy for all of you! xxx

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  2. Happy landings Gareth and donks! Many blessings in your new and lovely home. 🙂


  3. What a relief! I was worried about the donkeys alone at your old place. So glad that moving day went smoothly and that you have such good friends to help you. All best wishes for happy times in your new home; it looks beautiful!


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