Stable down at Elca Seriu

The removal of the old stable was the project for today and it is all done.  First I stripped away all the roofing and then took away all the extra posts that I put in for the stable extensions in 2012 and 2015.  I paused to take a photograph of the original 6-post stable built for Rubí and Matilde in 2011.


GOODBYE ELCA SERIU. We had some happy times. Morris and Aitana were born under the lemon tree in 2011.

End of Chapter 1.  Chapter 2 is off to a flying start!

3 thoughts on “Stable down at Elca Seriu

  1. I wonder whether the Donks will recognise their old stable when you rebuild it. It will be interesting to see if Rubi returns to her favourite area. Goodbye old field!

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  2. It’s a bit sad, Sheel. Six years of lovely memories and I don’t like going back there now. Without the donks it is nothing: a lifeless place. Two more trips to take out metal post spikes and remove old chain link fence: then we shall never return. Nature can reclaim it and Jehovah’s Witlesses can busybody themselves converting the cicadas to their heresies.


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