The stable goes up again

The donkeys are watching with fascination as their old stable reappears and is being erected more or less as they remember it. I did a drawing and took all the measurements before dismantling it at Elca Seriu. It will be more or less the same stable they remember, with the smells they recognize on the posts: all good for continuity and stress reduction, as donkeys do not like change.  Everything has been geared to keeping them reassured that everything is normal, but much better!


Carl is making an excellent job of the pergola.  It will offer a shaded area to view the donkeys, particularly for people who do not want to go down and mingle with donks or who haven’t got suitable footwear. (My earlier school visit instructions specified: “No children in open-toe footwear will be allowed into the donkey paddock.”

Here is the view from the top of the pergola:


Tomorrow Rubí will write her first blog from El Parral.

2 thoughts on “The stable goes up again

  1. Pergola will create an ideal sitting area for viewing the Donks. It will look very pretty with plants growing up it!


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