Not a right angle init…

Rubí writes…

I have been watching the rabit person assembling my stable and trying to closely supervise the arrangements from a close vantage point.


Unfortunately he is not making a very good job of it. To begin with, he had a very good rabit-brain idea, which was to carefully take all the measurements in the old stable, mark the posts with cunning numbers, and draw a lovely picture on a technical drawing board. So far so rabit.


Then came the usual rabit confusion with basic spacial concepts and numeracy, so he began drilling holes for expansion bolts to put the post brackets in, based on the upside-down picture; and all of a sudden I could see our six-post 2011 stable posts were all in the wrong places.


“Have you got the plan upside-down?” I asked, tentatively; not wishing to upset the rabit person, as he moved from swearing at his drill to swearing at his tape-measure.

“Yes. All right, I have got the ****ing plan upside-down. It’s all right for you swanning about in the dust while I do all the donkey work in 35 degrees!!!!”

Well, there’s no need for that sort of roodness in our new quiet field. I went off to eat some bits of the pine tree bark that he has not fully protected. The stable will appear.  Things do.

I like it here.


2 thoughts on “Not a right angle init…

  1. It’s a good thing you were observing so intently Rubi… You must be exhausted after all that thinking, in such heat! Don’t eat the pine bark though, that’s almost as naughty as a certain person’s rudeness. Be patient and in the meantime relax and enjoy the smell. Glad you and the other Donks are settling in well! xxx


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