Rubí considers moons and other new things

Rubí’s Tuesday blog post:

Tonight it is the first full moon since we came here to El Parral and we are looking forward to it. Obviously we are closer to the moon here because we are higher up in the lovely mountains, and last night when it was an almost-but-not-quite full moon it was already bright enough to be like daytime at five o’clock in the morning.  My house is not yet finished.  The rabit person appears to have gone back to school again, so he has stopped work on the building, and he says the walls and my special inside corner will be done in August.

DSCN3418july2016 303

While my house was being built, Carl built a house on top of the cisterna.  He seems to have made a quicker job of that one.  The only puzzle is, what sort of animal will live in that house?  Morris thinks it is for owls.  Matilde says it is probably for chickens.  Aitana says it is not for a animal at all, but will be a cupboard for the special soft brushes that she has ordered on the internet for her grooming.  Silly horse!


Morris was the first to go out and see the lovely scenery and he has described it all to us.  He also went down to look at level 2, which particularly annoyed Matilde because she hasn’t been down there yet.  The lower levels will be opened up in August.  Until then we just have to look at them and wait to eat the grass there.  It will all be eaten in a day, I reckon.  The level 1 grass went in three days.  We are experts at desertification.

When we have donkeys on three levels we can have different combinations: two donkeys on one level and one each on the other two; three donkeys on one level, one on another level, and one level without a donkey on it…

(Rubí freezes and stares at levels 2 and 3. Her brain goes into neutral under the massive overload of trying to work out other combinations. She suddenly snaps out of it.)

I wonder if the new little house on the cisterna will be for the moon to live in?



Following the discussion in the comments below, I remembered some photographs posted earlier on the blog show El Parral’s last surviving vine, down in the valley. It can be seen in the top of the picture, just above the lemon trees.


And here it is close-up, flourishing with the recent watering regime.  (That is the pipe from the spring in the valley.)


4 thoughts on “Rubí considers moons and other new things

  1. I expect you and the other Donks are glad to see the moon in the sky above the new field! Have you met the owls yet? They also appreciate a good moon. xxx


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