The amazing cowdonk

Matilde has been developing a new cow noise over the past few months. This began as a gentle lowing sound which emerged from a stifled bray, in recognition of the arrival of food. This later developed into a fuller mooing noise when food did not arrive as quickly as Matilde expected. Aitana also began copying … More The amazing cowdonk

Recovering a history

   I descended down into the precipitous chasm below the house, just to see the land that is mine – the hidden land I will probably never visit again – and I found a clue to the changing water situation. Nobody had mentioned this: an old pumping house in the valley, directly below the house. … More Recovering a history

Not much of a blogpost

Hard at work. Getting all the jobs done. Stable terrace now complete. Working dawn till dusk the past 48 hours…  Donkeys to Orxeta again tomorrow, Saturday. Morris and Rubí. Will blog properly then. Such a lot to do, but enjoyable work in a relaxing silent landscape.