Alys gets a new hip & we go to Level 2

Rubí donkey writes:

Yesterday Alys had her first hip replacement operation. We celebrated the occasion by opening up the second level terrace at El Parral.  Since her accident with her foot in 2011 and then the gradual deterioration of her hips, which was a birth defect, Alys has been increasingly disabled. Hopefully the new hips (second surgery later in the year?) will be the start of a whole new life.  The hip replacements should give her back full mobility.


Here are some photos of Alys visiting us in November 2011, a few weeks after the foals were born.  It is incredible to think that she has been unable to walk properly for five years.  Matilde, Aitana, Morris and me are sending you lots of donkey cuddles for your recovery! Aitana says to tell you she is offering you her hoof too.  Silly horse!   I told her you don’t need a new hoof.  You just need a second hip.


And here’s the video from yesterday, as level 2 was opened for the first time. I disgraced myself by trying to eat an orange tree.  Well, how am I to know we don’t eat trees?


2 thoughts on “Alys gets a new hip & we go to Level 2

  1. Congratulations Alys on your new hip. One of my cousins had the same problem and was fine after the replacements were done. A big operation all the same. Hope you make a full recovery xx

    Lovely to see the donks trying out the new area. See Rubí, change can be good!


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