Rubí and Morris go to Orxeta


Once again, a quiet and uneventful safe walk to Orxeta, this time with Morris and Rubí. Now everyone has been to Orxeta. The people are very welcoming. Tourists also enjoy the donkeys. Some French tourists with obvious equine savvy pointed out Morris had a flaking edge to his front right hoof.

“Don’t worry,” I assured them. “The rocky path home provides a natural hoof trim.”  And so it did. Morris looked like he had been visited by the farrier by the time we arrived home.

One thing the farrier doesn’t provide is donkey psychological therapy and today we had the usual Morris drain cover phobia: various episodes including a street in Orxeta with an array of five drain covers grouped together. Morris’s worst nightmare. We had to turn around and find an alternative street.

Videos to follow after uploading to YouTube.

3 thoughts on “Rubí and Morris go to Orxeta

  1. They look adorable! Those soft noses just need lots of kisses….I used to plaster my pony with kisses around his nose and muzzle which he seemed to quite like!
    Wonderful scenery too….I can feel the heat and hear the cicadas…

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  2. What a beautiful mountain! And I was wondering if that was cicadas I was hearing in your previous videos. We’ve got them here in Maryland and this time of year they go crazy with the noise. I think it’s their last hurrah before winter sets in.


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