Life returns to old limbs


After weeks of careful pruning and watering, life has returned to the exhausted dry pomegranate tree on level 2. Today I saw the first flowers appearing.  A few metres away, the orange tree is is blossom.


Early days. Too soon to know what this means. It’s surely the wrong season for orange blossom?


Meanwhile, most donks sleep in the midday sun but Rubí donk stays alert to ensure the stable is being built to her requirements.


Matilde says, “I don’t care what the stable looks like. As long as we get our food before 8 o’clock, that’s all I care. ”

Sitting down in the dust with donkeys is one of the greatest pleasures of my life.


5 thoughts on “Life returns to old limbs

  1. Fantastic! Lovely to see that you have saved those precious trees. Ohhh I love orange blossom! The perfume is exquisite. The donks look so relaxed 🙂 I used to lie down in the stable with my pony when I was a child….cuddling this huge animal was sheer pleasure. He liked it too 🙂

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  2. There is a great intimacy, lying down with a big animal, but you always have to be alert and ready to move in a split second when those great big limbs jump into action and a huge weight rears over you… !


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