Blog host problems

At last I’m back into my own blog space! And in time for Christmas…


(The above is not one of mine but I like it!)

WordPress who host my blog charge me an annual fee but they cannot provide enough people (yes people: those things who answer enquiries) to respond to help requests within the space of an entire month.

Because my blog was hacked a couple of years ago, I put security measures in place, so that when I log in to my blog a code is sent to my phone. I put the code in and carry on blogging.

What happens if WordPress do NOT send the code is this:

  1. You lose access to your blog
  2. You contact WordPress help
  3. WordPress help tells you to type in the security number they sent to your phone…
  4. There is no phone message
  5. Go around in circles again 😨

10 thoughts on “Blog host problems

  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not talking about the internet access at home. I access the blog from a well resourced educational institution, several wi-fi spots with 100% coverage etc. Read what I wrote above please: they did not send the code.

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  2. Good to see you back – modern life is a conspiracy to frustrate those of us above the age of 45 😦


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