11 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Happy Christmas Annie. It’s a very weak internet signal here and I replied earlier but it didn’t appear.

    Frustrating bur that is also one of the joys of living a remote life: very little rubbish coming in from the Internet these days! I am no longer tempted to join in Catholic blogs to debate, “Is the Pope a Catholic?”…

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  2. Deck the halls with brays of donkeys- tra la la la la la la! Hope I put enough las in there. I’ve been reading your blog but don’t think I’ve commented before. wishing you and the hee haa ones a nice day.

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  3. Oh, I will do so on a more regular basis. My very good blogging friend, Lottie Niven and her husband Pete Niven live in Alcala la Real. They are from GB and both are artists. I hope you can have a look at her blog. Most of her posts are very funny and so interesting. I’ve included her link.



  4. Belated Happy Christmas Gareth! Love the photos – the donks look gorgeous and you are so clever to get them to pose so beautifully for you 🙂


  5. Donks are very good ay posing for photos. Not so good at accepting that it is time to put on Santa hats. (Half an hour of pandemonium from the moment they saw the Santa hats.)


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