Vida’s story

Rubí donkey’s Tuesday blog:

This week’s Tuesday blog is not about us pampered donks in El Parral but about Vida’s story.

Matilde and I had our foals Aitana and Morris in 2011 and our owner briefly thought about finding good homes for them when they were yearlings. He decided he could not take the risk of allowing our foals to go to an uncertain end in a country like Spain with its history of animal abuse. So we remain a family of donkeys and the foals stay with us, and we are four adults now.


When we see the treatment of a donkey like Vida we cannot understand why people want to hurt our kind so much. We have so much love to offer, and we are trusting and easy to please.  Here is Vida’s story (also see Twitter #vivalavida )

Donkey Sanctuary 28 March 2017:

When Vida needed urgent help, our Spanish team did not give up – nor did thousands of kind supporters…

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