Donkey social behaviour

Social interaction in a small family group of donkeys tends to involve everyone.  Here is a typical sequence from this afternoon.

Aitana and her mother Matilde are having a siesta.  Aitana sat down first and then Matilde came to join her in close proximity.  They take turns rolling over and grunting.


Morris arrives from the left and Rubí is already there, but she is in her own world gazing into the valley as usual, probably imagining lions.  Morris decides things need livening up a bit, so he approaches Aitana and Matilde.


Aitana quickly gets up and goes, as she can’t be bothered with Morris’s nonsense in siesta time.  Morris tries to get attention from Matilde.  Matilde responds favourably and that alerts Rubí – who has been out of it all so far – and now she comes in to join the fun, wrestling with Matilde.