The Resistance begins

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It has been a terrible week for truth and reality.  Similar situation to the US citizens trying to deal with the lies of Trump.

This blog stands with Europe against the lunacy of the British disaster.  More to follow.  It is not the end.

The Resistance begins.


“We have a fight on our hands. Those of us who are pro-European, those of us who think our country will be stronger and more prosperous in the EU, must not sit silent in the years that follow. We have a duty to resist the destructive Hard Brexit that May is driving us towards.” – The New European

4 thoughts on “The Resistance begins

  1. I dunno — I was personally on the fence about Brexit on the day of the vote (and having no right to cast a vote on the matter anyway), but the attempts at manipulation and fear-mongering and to try and usurp the democratic decision on the part of the Remainers has led me to a degree of open hostility against that position — and to read reports like this : — and this : — is unlikely to make me more sympathetic.

    Certainly in these benign areas of Southern Europe where we live the to-and-fro of European integration, free movement, and single currency seems mostly to work, after some initial period of confusion regarding the Euro — but out in the fringes where people are getting no carrot but some stick, this European dream is turning into a nightmare.

    As for Trump I’ll only say the following — Hillary would have been far, far, FAR worse.

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    1. I am not too interested in the high-flown rhetoric about trade deals and sovreignty and the rest. Like thousands of other British ex-pats who have made a life in European countries, I watch in horror as the idiots begin dismantling our future. Don’t you need health care, Jabba, either now or at some point in the future? Maybe you are well off and can pay for private medical care: I’m not. I have a Spanish “SIP card” which entitles me to free medical care under the EU reciprocal arrangements. Do you have no interest in how your local politicians run the services in your town hall? At present I can vote them out, or even stand for election myself if I wanted to. There are quite a number of British people who are councillors in local administrations all along the Costa Blanca. All that disappears, doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I have to work for my living, and although I’m 65 and receiving a small amount of pension, I need to carry on working to supplement my pension income. Under EU rules I do not need a work permit to do that.

      All this is under threat.

      That is what I mean by the Resistance: we have to band together now and make sure that the people involved in these negotiations listen to our concerns and make proper arrangements for our lives to continue. The shock waves resulting from the Brexit vote impact on people: real people. It isn’t just a game of political ideas. And if we don’t get involved, then we will just be at the mercy of grey-minded politicians who do not even care that our lives will be changed for the worse.

      When I hear Theresa May talking about all the lovely benefits that Brexit will bring, it makes me sick. Why? Because she is lying. Either she is lying now, or she was lying a year ago when she was telling everyone what a disaster Brexit would be! Incredible. Literally.


      1. Well certainly, it’s the status of EU nationals in the UK and UK nationals in the EU — as well as the status of such territories of not just Gibraltar, but Mann, the Channel Islands, and the whole of Ireland — that lead to the most worries for those involved.

        As to your personal situation, I’d advise you to apply for permanent residency papers in Spain (not something that you’re currently required to do by law).

        But what I really think is that, even though some aspects of the expatriate life will change back to how they used to be, as late as during the EEC period, fundamentally a certain threshold has been crossed as to how the citizens of the major and minor European Nations must be respected in Europe, beyond just the EU (with some very local exceptions), and that these fundamental expectations will be fulfilled.

        I think that it’s unhelpful to assume expectations of the worst, nor assumptions of the best, but to take a measured, realistic view of what’s “good enough” and realise that it’s what the citizens of all 28 EU member States and our Governments are trying to aim for.

        You make a very good point about the growing importance of local versus regional, National, and international politics, and it’s something that I foresaw after the fall of the Iron Curtain and the proponents of the rubbish “end of history” theory, and the emergence of such so-called “third way” politicians as Tony Blair or Angela Merkel or François Hollande who were and are really just front people for a “New World Order” seeking a totalitarian alignment of all political, religious, and philosophical ideology with a singular value hierarchy that is of theosophic, occultist, and Masonic origin.

        The first temptation of Christ in his own desert was — “you’re hungry ; turn this stone into bread“. The EU, and all that it promises, is really just another stone. Your local wealth belongs to you you, and it belongs to your pueblo and to your parish, as poor as that may be. The pueblo and your parish are where you belong, for good and ill, for donks and avocado tree projects, under your Arbour, and in the clear Sight of God’s bounty and love for you. And also for annoying future administrative issues and complications and difficulties, and earthquakes, and droughts, and other plagues of all such nature.

        Our Original Sin does not order us towards lives of ever-increasing political ease and reassurance.

        Genesis : {3:13} And the Lord God said to the woman, “Why have you done this?” And she responded, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”
        {3:14} And the Lord God said to the serpent: “Because you have done this, you are cursed among all living things, even the wild beasts of the earth. Upon your breast shall you travel, and the ground shall you eat, all the days of your life.
        {3:15} I will put enmities between you and the woman, between your offspring and her offspring. She will crush your head, and you will lie in wait for her heel.”
        {3:16} To the woman, he also said: “I will multiply your labors and your conceptions. In pain shall you give birth to sons, and you shall be under your husband’s power, and he shall have dominion over you.”
        {3:17} Yet truly, to Adam, he said: “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten of the tree, from which I instructed you that you should not eat, cursed is the land that you work. In hardship shall you eat from it, all the days of your life.
        {3:18} Thorns and thistles shall it produce for you, and you shall eat the plants of the earth.
        {3:19} By the sweat of your face shall you eat bread, until you return to the earth from which you were taken. For dust you are, and unto dust you shall return.”

        The European Union has no power to change the nature of the human condition.

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  2. Well, as much as all that might or might not be interesting for the four or five people who remain readers of this blog, the action is elsewhere now and I have joined it.

    There is a meeting taking place at this very moment in Madrid and it becomes clear that thousands of people in various countries (including EU nationals who live in UK) are not just going to stand back and watch as their lives are wrecked. The “human condition” is my condition right here now and I can do something about it. There are always those who choose not to act – and stand on the sidelines saying “what will be will be” – and perhaps my blog post is not addressed ro them. There are in any case more relevant places for these discussions, and I have had quite enough of going round and round in circles on the kinds of dead end blogs of the kind we both know. It is refreshing to engage in a truly committed group where there is agreement and resolve that action is needed. Now.


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