Life goes on


Election in UK all over.  So we’re all back to lying in the sun. Excitement finished.  It was a whole lot of trouble we went to, particularly those of us ex-pats in Europe who needed to organise a proxy vote or a postal vote; and then all the carefully worked out tactical voting.  Thousands of young people in the UK registered to vote for the first time, and took the trouble to go out and vote.  Thanks to them mainly, the thirty year career of Conservative MP Julian Brazier in Canterbury was ended. Incredibly, the Labour Party candidate won the seat.  I never thought that was possible, so I voted tactically for the Liberal candidate.  Canterbury has two large university campuses and it was the student vote that ended an unbroken 150-year continuous Conservative representation in the city.  Amazing.

Any way, job done and life goes back to normal.  Tonight it’s a full moon and I want to get a photo of it rising over the quarry opposite.  Here’s a test shot I took last night with my phone:


Oh, I forgot.  What happened to Theresa May after she was trashed by the British electorate last night?  She did a deal with the Ulster Unionists.  (You know, those masked men with guns in Northern Ireland who fight with the other lot of terrorists.)  And that gives her enough votes to push people around in Parliament. So she just went to see the queen and now carries on as Prime Minister.

As I said, the election’s over.  Life goes on.  Nothing changes.

(This picture is fake news.  Does anyone care any longer?)



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