Aitana: biochemistry analysis

Again, the purpose of this post is for professional sharing of the PDF file from Laboratorio Veterinaro Garfia S.L. in Cordoba, which has now arrived, not a blogpost for more wider public interest. GARETH THOMAS (AITANA) 22-08-2017 16-57 REF243692 (Dorothea / Jacobo: for comment please use the Whatsapp channels established rather than comment here.)  

Aitana: looking good

  Aitana flopped in sunshine after a good feed.  The angular shape of her top half still shows the evidence of the weight loss, but her tummy is filling out again.  She is looking much happier and doing her customary regular patrols around the terraces to see what is new; this in contrast to spending … More Aitana: looking good

Aitana: the return

For most of the month and particularly during the past week, most of my waking moments (and quite a few of my nightmare sleeping moments!) have been focused on worry about Aitana.  Today we have some good news. A few days ago, level 2 was closed to the donkeys because it was obviously too painful … More Aitana: the return

Aitana: update 2

Aitana walked down to level 2 to get her morning feed and was clearly moving downhill with greater ease: slowly but confidently.  There was none of the hesitation and taking rests on the short descent as she had to do before the hooves were re-angled.  Laminitis makes the down-slope walk painful. I can identify with … More Aitana: update 2

Aitana: update

First, I’d like to praise the Donkey Sanctuary Sidmouth and the Refugio del Burrito in Spain for their really kind support and concern regarding Aitana. Particular thanks to Nikki in Sidmouth for responding to enquiries from my daughter Alys (as I had been having phone signal problems earlier in the week); Cecilio from Refugio del … More Aitana: update