Aitana: update 2

Aitana walked down to level 2 to get her morning feed and was clearly moving downhill with greater ease: slowly but confidently.  There was none of the hesitation and taking rests on the short descent as she had to do before the hooves were re-angled.  Laminitis makes the down-slope walk painful.

I can identify with this after an experience of tendonitis ten years ago when I was walking down from O Cebrero into Galicia on the Camino de Santiago.  I had to be helped off the camino to the main road where I had a lift with the Guardia Civil to the nearby monastery of Samos where I stayed for a week to recover.

Pilgrim Aitana is now eating her breakfast.

I am expecting the result of the blood test from the lab today, and if the veterinary clinic does not get in touch with me today (even though the vet is on holiday as stated earlier) I will be even more unimpressed with the Polop clinic’s service than I am already, if that is possible !  If those from Refugio del Burrito helping monitor the Aitana situation look in here later today I will provide a further update.  When I get the blood test I will obviously send it to you immediately as an attachment.

Update 11 am: Aitana blood test.  I phoned the clinic because I had not received anything and they have the first part of the analysis.  For some reason there is a second part which has not been received yet.  I will post it when receive it from Clinica Veterinaria Polop.  It is a pdf file: GARETH THOMAS (AITANA) 17-08-2017 20-06 REF243692

Update 7.30 pm: I never received the second part of the blood test, and when I phoned the Clinica Veterinaria Polop they simply said they had not received it.  So I phoned the laboratory in Cordoba direct, and they told me that had informed the Clinica Veterinaria Polop that the biochemistry report would not arrive till next week.  So I have waited all day for nothing.

Cecilio at the Refugio del Burrito in Malaga kindly sent me a link to the AVEE official list of equine vet specialists for Alicante province.  Time for a change.

Here’s a last reflection for today: we all spend a lot of money on certain professionals (vets, lawyers, etc.) and some of us (e.g. teachers, nurses, etc.) are very poorly paid professionals in comparison.  A vet visit of an hour can represent a quarter of my monthly take home pay!

At least when we fork out a whole wad of money for some expertise, can we please expect a service?

Aitana bonnet
Maybe a new hat would raise Aitana’s spirits?  I still have her old Easter bonnet hanging up indoors.




4 thoughts on “Aitana: update 2

  1. Maybe one day you could do a tutorial on making hats for donkeys? I tried making one last Easter and it was a disaster. Keeping Aitana and you in my thoughts!


  2. Aitana will have a new hat soon to celebrate her recovery. I have just posted a reflection on the experience, which I was writing as you put in this comment. She is on the mend, and when I brought the evening feed she was pushin the others out of the way to get there first.

    This is an animal who was injected with a virus (innoculation) when she had the clear signs of laminitis and was therefore in pain and weak. Now there is no mystery in what happened here. If I had only known the signs myself, I would not have invited the vet; I rather trusted the vet to know what the signs of a sick donkey were…


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