Aitana: the return

For most of the month and particularly during the past week, most of my waking moments (and quite a few of my nightmare sleeping moments!) have been focused on worry about Aitana.  Today we have some good news.

A few days ago, level 2 was closed to the donkeys because it was obviously too painful for Aitana to walk down the slope with her laminitis and in her physically reduced state after the dramatic weight loss.  Jacobo the farrier said on Thursday I should open the slopes to level 2 because Aitana should practice walking downhill on her slightly re-angled front hooves (we will have them re-trimmed in a few weeks time to change the angle again.)

This morning I put the breakfast feed in the level 2 manger and Aitana was first to come down the slope under the “Twins”, the two big pine trees which are on the level 1 terrace and are, incidentally, two of the tallest pines in the local area.  Aitana’s descent was lovely to watch: she is still careful on the slope and there is obvious concentration in her eyes. Her front legs are probably still painful, but since the farrier’s work on her hooves three days ago she shows a growing confidence and return to her routine activity.  Well done Aitana.

3 thoughts on “Aitana: the return

  1. Hooray! Oh, that’s much better already and look at her little trot of excitement as she reaches level 2 and approaches her food! The “nutter” is clearly thrilled by Aitana’s progress, flying his head back with approval. Soon Aitana will be skipping along like Morris again. I think Matilde and Rubi took their time arriving, to give Aitana the limelight for a moment and also a bit of space to concentrate, not that they would have let on. Everybody very pleased and celebrating over breakfast. Wonderful news!

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  2. Simple fact is that Matilde and Rubí had been once again trying to get their heads into the chicken run to plunder the grain feed, and that accounted for their delay! I saw them when I was taking the food sack dowb to level 2. Only Aitana was concentrating on what I was doing. She is back to her alert self again.


  3. I just watched Aitana following Matilde down the same slope now at 3pm. Without the incentive of food in the manger she is picking her way more slowly down the slope, still exercising very obvious donkey self-care.


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