Multi-storey stable music

It has been quite a month.  My summer holiday plan had been to paint the house, reform the fish pond, build raised beds for the kitchen garden, save money by staying at home, and get fit.

Thanks to a careless vet innoculating a laminitic donkey with a ‘flu virus, I’ve had a slightly different summer, and I am very exhausted, unfit, taking stock of various unfinished projects, worried about the overspend on vets and donkey medical supplies, and conscious of the old saying that “the best laid plans of mice and men…” etc.  And yet, it is all more or less OK in the end.  It wasn’t the summer I’d expected but we all survived it.  And that is something, in the dismal world we hear reported daily on the news, with the latest barbarity simply becoming one more boring statistic.


We have been trying to make burra Aitana better (see recent posts) and today this involved an outlay of more than one hundred Euros on medication.  But does Aitana want to ingest the medication?  No.

The battle has been paused for today, and we resume in the morning.  Meanwhile, my daughter Alys sent me a link to a BBC Proms concert from a multi-storey car park in Peckham.  I have sat here in the pergola playing the concert and the donkeys have been enthralled.  We need to get some speakers fixed up in the stable and start playing Radio 3 regularly for the donkeys.  They do appreciate it.

Here’s the link:


And the eagles have been back in the valley.  Here is a video with no eagles in it: 


5 thoughts on “Multi-storey stable music

  1. Got the right video on here now.  Aitana not eating…  Do the like the video with no eagles in it?  May do a video with no wild boar in it later.

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Definitely there. Shall I upload another with no eagles and no Aitana not eating, and just trees; which are easier to video as they don’t move about much? I’m sure that would fit the bill nicely for the end of this particular summer…

    P.S. Just thinking about the (long defunct) Google groups Staff Room: it is twenty years ago I joined it as the Goatmaster. 20 years !!!



  3. True and a lot of the Staffroomers are on FB now.. Yes could we have a video with no goats as well, please.


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