Today is mostly September


I didn’t write any Rubí Tuesday blogs in August because it was too hot for the thinking.  The rabit person spent most of the month fussing over Aitana and her bout of laramintis, together with other dramas.  Silly horse!  It’s all attention-seeking with Aitana.


Still, we have at least got a new vet at last, who seems to know what she’s doing. If the rest of us ever get a look in – when they stop making it all about Aitana – we will have a proper donkey specialist, rather than a vet who mainly does the small dogs of Polop and makes money on the side by pretending to be an equine specialist.


Here on level 2 in the mid-afternoon it seems mostly September. Matilde and Aitana seem to think the rabit person’s arrival means food, but of course any sensible donkey can tell he is just here to take photos. No food in it, innit?

I follow the rabit person up the slope to level 1 and it is still a bit August up here.  Down on level 2 Aitana is looking up to ask, “Is it food time yet?”  No, you silly horse.  It’s partly August and nowhere near six o’clock.


7 thoughts on “Today is mostly September

  1. Today is about half August and half September. The rabit person seems to be frantically writing lesson plans, as he left it all too late, seeming to think it was mostly August, but his Geography lessons start tomorrow.

    Personally, I can’t see the point of Geography. There are trees that can be eaten, which made the Sahara Forest into a very dry and treeless place when discovered by donkeys, and there are rivers that are dangerous because they are full of cocodriles, and that’s all we donkeys ever needed to know.

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  2. So cold I’ve had the heating on sometimes! Often think of you ‘enjoying’ the heat then Thank the Lord we just have rain and not floods like some poor souls.

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  3. Sorry Gareth, I posted this in an old post of yours.

    You should get a HUUUGE syringe from a cookery shop, the ones used to inject/baste Christmas turkeys… syringes for injections are much too small…

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  4. Hi Luisa,

    No problems, but it’s been a hectic month with the new school year, extra work with Aitana: amazing how much extra time is needed when you have to keep liquidising solid stuff and syringing it orally into a resistant donkey! I’ll get round to a full update as soon as time allows, but Aitana is doing very well and has even been seen running down a slope in the last few days, after the farrier came again to trim her hooves.

    For you and any others who took a kind interest in her progress, I’ll do a detailed update later, but I’m on a quick three day trip to the UK from Monday to Wednesday next week, so it may have to wait until the weekend. The situation here in Spain is also very concerning – as readers may be aware from the news in the past week – so I have also wasted quite a few hours reading newspapers and catching up with Spanish television news to see what the latest brings. I thought Brexit was mad enough, but nothing gets as mad as the Catalan secessionists.

    Full news on blog soon. (With nice autumnal donkey photos!)


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