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Tonight, a football match between Madrid and Barcelona has become yet one more nationalist demonstration.

We have now reached the point where the battle for the truth has become very serious.  If we are really in a post-rational world, after Brexit and Trump, the situation in Cataluña shows the problem in stark relief.

I will go into the political issues here.  I am well aware of them and have studied them in detail.  That is not the point of this blog.  What I would like to say here, quite simply, is that the same idiots that brought us “Brexit” and Trump are trying to bring us an illegal Catalan state.  Madrid is standing firm – using the constitution and every means that the state can employ to defend itself against attack.

There is no other story.

If the Catalan situation results in a resurgence of Spanish nationalism that will not benefit anyone, least of all the Catalans, who will be given a bloody nose (as they were in 1934).  Spain is proud of its achievements in the past forty years and it should be.  Its people are patriotic in the best sense of the word: proud of their democracy.

If the Catalan extremists provoke a new Spanish nationalism, they will be the losers.  So will Spain.

Euro flag

We expats have been so let down by the British government that we only see one reference point: Michel Barnier of the EU negotiating team, who speaks for us.  As Madrid battles with the Hydra of the Catalan propaganda machine, I support the judiciary, the Guardia Civil, the Policia Nacional and the implementation of Article 155 on Monday.

We have seen how the influence of deliberate anarchy is destroying all that we held as certain, supported by Russian money and agents provocateurs such as Nigel Farage and Julian Assange.  Big money is at work.  (See Carole Cadwallader’s Guardian articles on the way Brexit was directed by billionaires connected to Trump’s supporters.)


It would be lovely to enjoy a life here with four delightful creatures and never need to look outside my fence again.  Silence is not an option. Unfortunately the Devil is at work, and we need to shout at him with all the volume we can muster.

You only have to see this video of the Policia Nacional protecting Catalan seperatists in Valencia (see last part of video) to know that we have reached the End Game here.  When Valencia looks like Londonderry in the 1970s, we have problems here…




One thought on “Support this nation

  1. Ha ha, dear Julian: the “Putsch Demon” linguistic joke is a stroke of genius because the name sounds exactly like that phonetic spelling!

    Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Luis Companys by firing squad in 1940. He was “President of Cataluña” (in inverted commas because he proclaimed himself president under the Republic and was shot by a Franco firing squad organised by a coup d’etat and gaining power after a civil war: irony or what?)

    Personally I don’t think there has been enough police brutality in Cataluña. Madrid needs to send in the Foreign Legion.


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