Endgame on la Rambla: part 6

I am not going to write very much here. Sorry.  What happened today in Spain is now the lead story in the world’s press. And now I understand what makes a journalist different from a blogger. They carry on writing because the story is more important than the emotion they feel.

I can’ t write any more about this today. Too many people are upset.  Here’s a Spanish flag and some lovely donkeys.  Here’s hoping it’s all over in a week.


Postscript: 23.12

I don’t want to finish on a negative note tonight.  We go forward. Two positives:

1. I will continue writing a summary of the situation in English.  Tomorrow’s blog will be called Pandora’s Box

2. Discussing the situation tonight with the ex-mayor of Finestrat, Honorato Algado, he said to me “It will all be over in a week.”  He also agreed to be my sponsor when I apply for my Spanish citizenship (to remain a European citizen after Brexit.)

More tomorrow.  All of Spain is exhausted.  The cruelty of the Catalan nationalist mafia has been to open all the wounds from the pre-democratic period and set people against each other.

The people who provoked this must be arrested and put on trial for sedition. Most of Spain expects that.  I expect that. Goodnight and stop listening to the bleeding heart propaganda of selfish nationalism.  Remember tbe Balkans.  Goodnight.

Spain will get through this.  With law, inclusiveness, and above all adherence to the written Constitution.  Can the moaners an “remoaners” in UK please remember, you don’t have one. We do.

3 thoughts on “Endgame on la Rambla: part 6

  1. You are forgiven for that one! Manolo Escobar is a great Benidorm hero and I am a fan! His Porompompero was one of those 1960s earworms we heard non-stop for two years in Ibiza in the those days. He died at his home in Benidorm exactly four years ago. In the late 1950s the Benidorm Song Festival was the means of promoting the town as a fashionable resort.

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