Catalan clock goes back

The clocks went back an hour today. No need to wake up at 6.30 on a Sunday. 

Unless you have donkeys who insist it’s still 7.30…   Loud braying and one donk walking around noisily with a plastic bucket on the end of their nose, scraping round in circles on the top field next to the house.  Thanks, donks!  But I was hoping for a relaxing lie-in on the first Sunday of the holidays…

catalan clock 2And of course the clocks have also gone back in Catalonia.  To a time before they had an autonomous regional government.  President Puigdemont has been relieved of his awesome responsibility for causing anarchy and financial ruin, and the deputy prime minister in Madrid, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria is now acting president of Catalonia.  The Catalan separatists will love the joke here: she was the person they blamed for the so-called “police brutality” in the so-called “referendum” on 1 October!

So, now the clocks have gone back, please can all the “anti-sistemas” and anarchists get the neAnarcho-Catalanxt metro train home (unless the secessionist trade unions have closed the public transport system again!)  Your playtime is over: can we please have our economy back?  Yes our economy, i.e. the Spanish economy, which has been damaged by the uncertainty over Catalonia, just when it was finally coming into a healthy state.

I want to review a wide selection of the Spanish Sunday press this morning and condense it into a more detailed blog post, which I will do later.  But let’s stay with the theme of turning the clock back.  In fact let’s just see how Catalonia looks without the nationalist gloss on history.

Jabba, in a comment on an earlier blog post here has made a clear point about the history of the Catalan so-called “kingdom” that the separatist propaganda keeps harking back to.  As many of us in Spain have constantly pointed out: the BBC and others in the world’s press have bought into this lie of nationalist propaganda.  I am going to take Jabba’s point from the comment section and use it in its entirety to complete this blog post.  A second blog post will appear later with my review of the Spanish Sunday press.

Jabba writes:

I just looked up the History, including of the so-called “independence” of the County of Barcelona — the reality is that prior to the 1258 Treaty of Corbeil between the Kings of France and Aragon, the County of Barcelona, then Catalonia, was a vassal of the Carolingian Dynasty then the Kings of France, then after the signing of that Treaty, a vassal of the Kings of Aragon.

The so-called mediaeval “independence” was in fact just the exact same sort of autonomy the region has today in the Kingdom of Spain. The degree of relative self-rule that the Catalans have had has been variable throughout History, but that self-rule has never constituted any genuine independence as such.

The only genuinely independent Catalan States to have ever existed are the Principality of Andorra and — VERY briefly (1276-1279) — the independent Kingdom of Mallorca, which from 1279 became a vassal Kingdom under Aragon.

Well summarised, Jabba.  In fact, Barcelona is always referred to as la Ciudad Condal, the City of the Counts.  Not the seat of any historical kingdom.

So, please, “anti-sistemas” anarchists, romantic useful idiots, and señor ex-president Puigdismounted: just get the train home.

odio eterno
Whoops… I noticed something.  Can el camarada on the left with the more… err… “traditional” flag, please get a different train home, or you may end up in a little ecumenical exchange at the station.


Update 10.00 Sunday 29 October:

Señor Putsch Demon has gone back to his job of waiter in the Café Chaos in Gerona and has just spilt his first coffee over a customer, after a scuffle during the vote on who should be served first.