Puigdemont in Belgium (Part 2)

Carles Puigdemont in stable in a secret location in Belgium, 3 November 2017

Puigdemont in Belgium (Part 2)

PUIGDEMONT: Hello, I’m in Brussels.  As you know, I am the persecuted and oppressed PRESIDENT OF THE CATALAN REPUBLIC and I have had to run away from my country because the fascist state of Real Madrid has closed down my house in Barcelona and arrested all my friends.

Here in Belgium is the new seat of the Catalan Republic in exile.  In a stable rented to us by the Walloon Falangist Party of Belgium and paid for by the taxpayers of Spain. We are proud to form this alliance with the Walloon Falangist Party of Belgium and as a philogist I am currently helping with a joint seperatist language called Cataloon.

Please help the Catalan Republic in exile!

Here are my four exiled MINISTERS.  Because we are oppressed and expect to be arrested like Luis Companys in 1940, we are hiding in a stable, and my ministers have put on Catalan pantomime donkey costumes we found in a Belgian Neo-nazi joke shop in down town Brussels.

Work and pensions minister, Dolors Bassa.  How do you like working in Brussels?

(Dolors runs off and hides.)

Health minister, Antoni Comín.  Hi Toni.

(Toni runs out of the stable.)

Agricultura, Fishing and Food, Meritxell Serret.  How is the food here in Belgium?  “Bloody awful.”  (Meritxell runs off.)

 And  Gobernación, I don’t know how that translates into English.  Governing?  Not my field really…  Meritxell Borràs.

(Meritxell is already out of the field and galloping away.)

 Of course, Minister of the Interior, Joaquim Forn buggered off back to Madrid and is now banged up in prison.  Serves him right.  Tosser!

OK girls: they’ll be here to arrest us soon and take us to Barcelona to be shot like Companys, so let’s have some more Belgian chocolate.  YUMMY!


You know what they always say: never work with donkeys, children or ex-Catalan ministers. The script never quite goes according to plan.  But we nearly got there.

Here’s the video:




Obviously tensions are running high among the exiled government of the Catalan Republic here in Brussels.  Work and Pensions Minister, Dolors Bassa attacks Carles Puigdemont’s wig after the filming.  Will she be next to take the plane to Madrid and present herself to Judge Carmen Lamela in the Audencia Nacional?

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