Brayday, brayday!

Morris said it was about time I got my own WordPress account.  As Morris is the one who does reading, he read the WordPress blogger instructions, and we have successfully created a Rubídonkey account with my own profile. It’s a very portant looking profile. Behind it you can see the slope of Puig Campana near Finestrat where we used to live before El Parral.

But enough of all that.  Here is the main news this week.  Two days ago, for the first time ever, I brayed.  I had not bothered braying before.  Our Peasant thought I was a mute donkey who would never bray, or hadn’t worked out how to do it and never would.  But I did.  On Sunday at quarter-past five, I brayed.  After eight and a half years, I thought, “Oh why not?  Go on…  Let’s have a bray.”

I think the Peasant’s response was quite patronising actually.  He was also a bit miffed because he didn’t capture it on video.

The Peasant is organising the archive of donkey videos at the moment.  Since we heard about the success of the Morris and Aitana video from last February (1,866,361 views now and expected to reach 2 million by Christmas) the Peasant can make the YouTube channel “Burrofinestrat” a source of revenue.

It gets complicated as videos from the old Brotherlapin blog were fed from a different YouTube channel (“Frererabit”) and have to be re-loaded onto the “Burrofinestrat” channel,  but cannot have any music tracks or monetisation of the channel will not be allowed (copyright you see).   So the videos with music on will have to be played from the original channel.  Humans make the simplest thing terribly complicated, don’t they?  This is called “modern life” and it is what the Peasant refers to as a “pain in the ass”: an offensive kind of expression to a donkey, if you ask me.

If it all sounds complicated, it isn’t.  The Peasant will sort it all out, and you can just watch the videos.  Here is my favourite one from the old blog.  It is called “Foal Play”, a video shot when the foals were three weeks old in October 2011.  The music is the last movement of the Rodrigo Concerto Andaluz.

And one more: here is the video of Morris when he was just 12 hours old, enjoying his first morning.  Happy days!  There’s something to bray about, eh?


8 thoughts on “Brayday, brayday!

  1. So precious! Thank you for sharing. Two weeks ago, Hector the mule came to live with me. I am still anxiously awaiting his brayday. We are patiently working to build a bond, not being pushy – letting Hector get comfortable. Any tips?

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  2. It’s about time you had your own account Rubi, having such a high reputation for donkey journalism. Everybody looks very impressed by your braying. You know how the Peasant likes to capture things on camera and then archive them with coloured labels and dates, etc. And look at all these lovely videos of Morris and Aitana playing! Plenty of things to be braying about and if the Peasant makes a film about it, he won’t need to find any music and have problems with copyright, because you will be singing instead! Happy braying!

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  3. Hello Adrienne Regina,

    That’s two new visitors to the blog today. (Which is better than our Peasant ever manages with his tedious Catalan politics blogs… Ha ha! Bray bray bray!) Thank you for the link and the possible solution to the music promble.

    Meanwhile, the latest addition to the video collection has been uploaded on the YouTube channel, a previously unpublished video from December 2011 featuring Morris and Aitana two months old.


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