3 blokes in the pub

The UK citizens who have made our lives in Europe are still being held hostage, more than two years after the Brexit referendum, and nothing – absolutely nothing – has been done to reassure us or provide practical advice about our future post-March 2019.  For this reason, the organisation that I belong to, British in … More 3 blokes in the pub

Whiter than white

Having completed my reading of Henry Sire’s epic treatment of the liberal fascism of pope Bergoglio (the man who some people refer to as Pope Francis but I do not), and completed my three-part book review on these pages, I moved on to other matters and caught up with the concreting job inside the gate of … More Whiter than white

End of the summer

But not the end of the holidays!  Welcome back to the blog, and as the teachers return to school and prepare for the children to return to school tomorrow, I remain here at El Parral on permanent holiday. As it is my first September not returning to work, I was a little apprehensive about it: … More End of the summer