Goodbye Brexit: the nightmare is over!




Almost!  There is every evidence that it is all falling apart very fast.  We must keep up the pressure and defeat it!

Today in Liverpool the fightback against Brexit has begun in earnest.  As my daughter Alys stayed up all night in north Wales, making her “¡No pasaran!” banner on a red/gold/purple Spanish republican flag, I encouraged her with the latest news from the political front.

I have never been on a demonstration that had so much chance of achieving its aims as this one.  By 9 o’clock this morning, as the Labour Party conference began in Liverpool, Jeremy Corbyn was already conceding that he would go along with a second referendum if the Labour Party members were in favour of it.  He had no option: having given the activists the assurance that the Labour Party policy was set by its members, the game is up.


Theresa May’s arrogant performance in Salzburg disgusted the EU leaders on Thursday, and her appeal for “respect” from 10 Downing Street on Friday prompted derision: for what is less respectful than going behind the back of the official EU negotiator, Michele Barnier, and talking to EU leaders in the hope of doing a separate deal?  The game is up, both for this desperately failed Prime Minister and her party’s nasty right wing, who have had none of our interests at heart for more than two years.

The fightback begins here.  For us in Spain and in other places in Europe, expats must get behind the Labour Party, the Liberals and the few remaining sensible Tories, for a total reversal of the Brexit disaster.


In Alcoy in the province of Alicante yesterday they celebrated the first march for workers’ rights, which took place a hundred years ago.  They wore the typical dress of those times.

Alcoy is a former textile town, whose 19th century mills were based on Lancashire and Manchester textile technology

How easily we forget the hard-won rights of workers, the hard-won peace of Europe – bought with the blood of millions – in order to follow snake oil salesmen like Nigel Farage, the selfish twerp Boris Johnson, and the MP for the 18th century Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is now the olnly back bench MP with his own Scotland Yard personal protection officer (with bloody good reason!)  Remember why we never trusted these people, and please please, never trust them in future!


Thanks Alys and Jackie and all who marched in Liverpool today!



Brexit: the last mile citizens’ lobby

Get stuck in!!!  Defeat them.


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