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I created a new Twitter account today which is linked to this blog.  I have been off Twitter for quite a long time and I also deleted my Facebook account after the revelations about Cambridge Analytica showed how millions of users’ data was being manipulated.

The pros and cons of “social media” are one of the political and social issues of our time and it is difficult to steer a sensible way through the hazards.  My gut instinct when I closed both my original Twitter and Facebook accounts was to shut down a threat to my own privacy.  There were also issues around time-wasting and opening up my life to the possibility of attack by strange or aggressive individuals online.

I am not inclined to return to Facebook, but I returned Twitter a short while ago and have set the account up with one initial tweet to connect the account to this blog.


Why have I returned to Twitter?

In the previous blog post I explained some recent developments in the long-running saga of the investigation into the now established criminal activity of the Leave campaign in the 2016 Brexit referendum.  Although the official office of the Electoral Commission has investigated this and found there are huge questions about the illegal funding of the campaign, there is no enquiry, no police investigation, and apparently no interest from Her Majesty’s Government in finding out more about the fraud.  It is, in other words, a huge cover-up (or at least that is what many people are suggesting.)

None of this can presently be found in the mainstream media, apart from very occasional hints.  There are also a number of significant legal actions taking place in the High Court in London and at the European Court, relating to various matters concerning Brexit.  Citizens are at the moment involved in various actions: one case has already been won against the Electoral Commission and another is going to Judicial Review shortly.  But you hear nothing of this in the BBC news or in the mainstream press.

All the discussion and the news about these matters is taking place on Twitter which is absolutely buzzing with information and updates on these matters.  I have therefore – somewhat reluctantly – returned to Twitter and set up two new accounts:

@equusasinus4 is connected to this blog and will follow a limited number of Twitter accounts in the donkey world (the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Refugio del Burrito in Spain, etc.)

A second account – supervised by my researcher @MorrisDonkey – will follow a larger number of Twitter accounts connected to the Brexit news and those individuals and groups who are mobilising for the present actions re. the electoral fraud in the 2016 Referendum; the People’s Vote campaign to get a second referendum; and the citizens’ rights groups like British in Europe, Bremain, Brexpats, etc.

Twitter accounts can easily get out of hand if you are following a number of different threads, so the point of having a second account is that all the “clutter” can accumulate there and only a limited number of useful tweets can then be filtered through to the @equusasinus4 account.   This will soon be shown in the right hand sidebar – so you won’t need to go to Twitter but if you are on the platform already you are welcome to follow me there, but I am not looking for a large Twitter following and do not wish to make it anything more than a link to this blog.

Meanwhile, here are the donks outside the house after having their regular grooming.

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2 thoughts on “Equus Asinus on Twitter

  1. Good work Morris donkey! You must be worked off your hooves working for both Rubi donkey AND the Peasant now. I expect you needed a good lie down and a dust roll, after listening to those interviews from Canada… More shocking than a late morning’s straw… The Peasant is all systems go with Brexit at the moment, so allow him a small lie in tomorrow morning…?

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  2. Ha ha! I was thinking along these lines when we went to the March in Liverpool. I wondered about writing your name on a Spanish flag. “No Pasaran” was waved for all of you instead! Yes, I will certainly make sure all of your names are waving about on something… Will put my mind to it!

    Well done to all the dogs who took part in the wooferendum today! Woof woof and bray bray!

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