Ode to Buckets

@MorrisDonkey is taking a break from his portant internet research to help stop Brexit.  He seems to think he has nearly stopped Brexit now, so he is spending a happy hour in the sun playing with buckets.  If it wasn’t for the EU there would be a 97% trade tariff on plastic buckets, so @MorrisDonkey thinks stopping Brexit is a good thing.

@equusasinus4 and @MorrisDonkey are working with thousands of other people to #StopBrexit and help get a full turn out for the 20 October London #PeoplesMarch to demand a #PeoplesVote

Part 3 of The Great Brexit Robbery will be uploaded here on Sunday 14 October, with the full account of the way the Leave campaign acted criminally to tip the referendum in their favour.  All the mud, all the evil Leavers deeds exposed!  No Mogg unstoned.

Meanwhile, follow us in the sidebar on the right, and here’s @MorrisDonkey and the Ode to Buckets.


3 thoughts on “Ode to Buckets

  1. Hello Catherine! I didn’t know you were still reading the blog. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised when long-time readers suddenly pop up after a long silence. I think we need more donkey videos…


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